Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rococo Necklaces

These are my two rococo necklaces. They're 25" long without the clasps. The red one below is new, while the green one is about three years old and well worn. They're very simple: three strands of beads accented with beaded beads with a toggle clasp.

The beaded beads are made like the rondelle below with the following row count: Begin with 10 11/0 seed beads to create the first two rows, then five rows or #5 rococo triangles, and finished with two rows of 11/0 seed beads. Make six for the necklace shown.

1. Cut three strands of bead wire about three inches longer than the desired length and crimp the strands together with at least two crimps.

2. Thread all the strands through one triangle. Separate the strands and string each one in the pattern (*3 seeds beads, one triangle** 8 times ending with 3 seed beads). Take the three strands through one triangle, thread on a beaded bead and another triangle. Repeat the pattern of *3 seed beads and one triangle** 10 times until you've used all of the beaded beads.

3. End with 3 seed beads, one triangle** 8 times on each strand. Take the three strands through one final triangle, pull tight and crimp the three strands together. I added a crimp loop on top of the two crimps on each side.

4. Attach the toggle and post with a jump ring.

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