Saturday, March 28, 2009

Beaded Flowers - Day 5

Today's flower is worked pretty much like the leaf flower on Day 4. These leaf beads are quite a bit larger than the beads used in yesterday's flower, but you'll use the 10/0 delicas for the first two rounds and 8/0 seeds for the next round just as before. Add the leaf beads.

Here's the difference. I used a coin pearl for the center instead of a 6mm montee, so I didn't need as many 8/0s around the center to finish the flower. I simply added one more round of 8/0s between the leaf beads. If I use a montee as I did in the flower that's the centerpiece of the bracelet in the header, then I add at least two rows of 8/0s around the montee rather than placing them between the leaf beads. The photo below shows the back of the completed flower.

Tip: I don't end the thread when I'm making these flowers for use in a bracelet or necklace. (Jelcy Romberg passed this tip on to me.) Instead, I take the needle and place it in a hair roller, wind the thread around the foam, and close the roller. When I'm ready to use it in a piece of jewelry, I simply open the roller, unroll the thread, and remove the needle. I found the rollers at my local Dollar store. I also use foam make-up wedgies in the same way, but I don't remember who told me about substituting them for the rollers. Either way, the flowers are ready to go when I'm ready to use them without me having to add a thread to the back before I attach them.

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